Oct 8A Professional Working Environment
Oct 1A Night Well Spent


Jun 15Now you’re talkin!
May 18Some Words Were Said
May 6Aaaand I’m Back Baby!


Oct 7Well… this is awkward.
Sep 10Introspective
Sep 3Life of a fighter.
Aug 25Blowing off battle fatigue
Aug 13Motivation from the Manager
Aug 6Status Report
Jul 15Oh great
Jul 8Wrapping up
Jul 1That’s a… Handy trick
Jun 18A decision to make
Jun 12Right where the flames don’t burn
Jun 4Ruh Roh
May 19A death to be proud of
May 13Half the man he once was.
May 6Burnt out
Apr 28A hot idea
Apr 21Now, Abel is heisse scheisse!
Apr 14Desperate times…
Apr 7The Silent Killer
Mar 31Lightbulb
Mar 25No head? No Problem.
Mar 18Lets go for a Spin!
Mar 11She’s a bit of big personality I guess.
Mar 4Feelers felt the wrong thing.
Feb 25The Swarm of Demons
Feb 17Mimicking caped baldy himself
Feb 9Well that escalated
Feb 2Sore spot?
Jan 24The Standard Faceoff Charge
Jan 18Filler: Farm Folly
Jan 11‘Bout tore him a new face slit.
Jan 5This is how I give hugs.


Dec 29Suprise bear hug!
Dec 21He failed his stealth check
Dec 15Squad in action
Dec 8Burn Baby Burn
Nov 30Gotcha!
Nov 25Nice Shot
Nov 18A world of black and white
Nov 4I’m fairly sure those aren’t normal eggs.
Sep 22To the East
Sep 7And the demons go marching on
Sep 3Popping up, Like daisies.
Aug 23Long time no see
Aug 19A portal to nowhere
Aug 12Ready for a scuffle
Aug 4A call to arms
Jul 26When suddenly, an interrupting horn.
Jul 15Smoothed
Jul 7Love at first. uhm… beatdown?
Jun 27I bet this guy wishes he had the painkillers I’m on right now.
Jun 5Used the C-word.
May 29Get the Low-down
May 21She’s also Known as Kyra of ‘That exact specific pose for some reason’
May 15Gasp!
May 8Prison rules, bitches.
Apr 24Seem like a cheery bunch…
Apr 16A Bath and a Haircut after so long
Apr 13A Ballsy Move
Apr 2An Accepted Offer.
Mar 27The Light of Hope and The Future
Mar 19Speechless…
Mar 13Sounds like a sales pitch.
Mar 6He has a Point
Feb 27What A Tail To Behold
Feb 19This Page may not be appropriate for everyone.
Feb 12Okay, I had to do the glow one more time.
Feb 6Oh…S***
Feb 2Going on a Field trip
Jan 22Painful Tattoos
Jan 16A proposition?


Sep 27Kissing Booth Pt. 3
Sep 27Kissing Booth Pt.2
Sep 27Kissing Booth Pt.1
Sep 6Con Pitfalls
Sep 6Con Pitfalls
Aug 23Kinky Guinea Pig
Jul 31A Visitor
Jun 2THAT guy.
May 26My Least Favorite Trope
May 24Reaper gossip
May 1Awkward Consequences
Jan 10Badges? I need some Stinkin’ Badges!!
Jan 10Badges? I need some Stinkin’ Badges!!


Nov 16Heat and Pressure produces…
Nov 6And Time goes on
Sep 19This Page May Not Be For Everyone
Aug 31She’s a Firin’ Her Lazer
Jul 25New Roommates
Jun 23Helping True Love Along
Jun 17Time to Bail, guys.
Jun 15Shattered Dreams
May 5Her new Teacher
Apr 27Spring Cleaning
Apr 5A Message
Apr 5April Fools Boom
Mar 16Locked in
Feb 25Girls Night out
Feb 20Quite the Offer
Feb 12Fun at the Zoo
Feb 5Is that a Double Penetration?


Dec 29Man I love that guy.
Dec 23Headless Hi jinks
Dec 18Christmas Emergency (NSFW)
Dec 12Like a damn Crab
Dec 8Why would you take the label off?!
Dec 2Casual Viewer
Nov 24The lesser of two evils
Nov 24I’ve known few such horrors.
Nov 24Sucker pu-er, Kick
Sep 24First comic with the new tablet.
Sep 10Sometimes this happens.
Aug 31Getting ready for a good time.
Aug 24Guess Who’s Gonna Have a Bad Time
Aug 24Love the show too much.
Jul 17Kind of Obsessed.
Jul 17Reflexes of a crippled cat and the speed of an elderly mongoose.
Jul 17Reflexes of a crippled cat and the speed of an elderly mongoose.
Jun 17How Ghosts Snack
Jun 5Just call him Captain Exposition
Jun 5Every Monster
Jun 5Gains Shark has RISEN
Jun 5Friend Zone Escapee
Jun 5Walkies~
Jun 5Just a bit of fun.
May 14The family that fights together…
Apr 6Happy Easter (Bonus Strip)
Apr 6Happy Easter! (SFW)
Apr 6Honor among the defeated
Apr 6F*** The Establishment
Mar 25*Gulp*
Mar 16Chicks be Crazy at Weddings
Mar 16Not a Fun Fight
Mar 16CellMates
Mar 5No
Mar 5Busting out the runes
Mar 5Anyone Ever get that Creepy Doctor Vibe?
Mar 5The wrong panties
Feb 7Interruptions
Feb 6Surprised he lasted that long.
Feb 6Quick! Get the fabric softener!
Feb 6A new enemy appears?
Feb 6Didn’t see that one coming.
Jan 30Ohhh, Gonna feel that in the morning…
Jan 30What time is it?!
Jan 29She’s Persuasive Sometimes.
Jan 23SlaughterHouse
Jan 22The Beginning!
Jan 20Just Punishment
Jan 16June Gonna get rekt (NSFW)
Jan 16June Gonna get rekt (NSFW)


Dec 29Maid in Heaven (Hell)
Dec 29Christmas Decorations
Nov 17The CareTakers
Nov 17The downsides to living in a demon lords castle.
Nov 17Constant interruptions
Nov 17Well he did call it…
Nov 17A new challenger appea- Oh… Nevermind
Oct 27or SEXorcism
Oct 27Babies are awful creatures
Oct 27In Inevitable conclusion.
Oct 27This comic was made at the BEGINNING of October
Oct 27This happens every damn day
Oct 27Just a bit about angels.
Oct 27Coping
Oct 27A Morning Visit
Oct 27Morning Routine
Oct 27The Warlords
Oct 27The Visiting Warlord
Aug 5Flashburn
Aug 3The trouble with elemental demons at the pool.
Aug 2GnillorT
Aug 1Personal Time
Jul 30The welcome home gift
Jul 30The Return Trip
Jul 30Fishbone Woes
Jul 30Poor Girl
Jul 30Meeting up
Jul 30Depth Perception
Jul 30Invites everywhere
Jul 30Techno Badass
Jul 30Death of my most hated Meme
Jul 30A message for those left behind
Jul 30Life Debt Predicament
Jul 30Misleading Knight
Jul 30Nose Boop of Doom
Jul 30Lip Locked
Jul 30Pet Project
Jul 30Button Predicament
Jul 30Button mishap
Jul 30Beneath the Skin
Jul 30Summoning Mishap
Jul 30A solution for many problems
Jul 30Business Venture
Jul 30Crushing Defeat
Jul 30The Contest
Jul 30Rejection~
Jul 30New New Trick
Jul 30New Trick
Jul 30Experiment boom boom
Jul 30I still like the movie
Jul 30Bells are ringing~
Jul 30Groping Problem
Jul 30The Summoning
Jul 30Based on a true story
Jul 30Starting Now
Jul 30The Eternal Mud Wrestling battle
Jul 30The Eternal Battle
Jul 30The Start