FeyKan: The physical manifestation of the concept of Death. He is responsible for overseeing the Reaper Corps. Rarely shows emotions but genuinely cares for those under his care. 

Death Domain: All

First Appearance




Jada: Eternally chill. Sort of the big sister to the rest of the reapers in the Corps. usually in charge of watching over the newbies to make sure they don’t screw up TOO badly.

Also, yes she has penis and is proud of it. (Has a picture frame she sometimes hangs around it somewhere in her room.)

Death Domain: Sexual Deaths

First Appearance



Cove: Most comfortable in the water. Never quite got her land legs and due to that is a bit of a klutz on dry land.

If she’s even at the mount she’s most likely soaking in the baths.

Death Domain: Deaths at Sea

First Appearance




Fillip: As Neurotic in death as he was in life. Fillip is responsible for deaths that come from social issues. Is unfortunately very busy since the explosion of internet culture.

Death Domain: Deaths by Social Strife

First Appearance



Skia: Currently in training to be a reaper due to her affinity to death.

Has an unhealthy obsession with Feykan. Was crushed when she discovered is Ken-doll anatomy

Death Domain: Violent Deaths

First Appearance  Exposition