Apex: Real Name unknown, Apex is the current demon lord of the Thirteen Hells. When he isn’t crushing Rebellions or attending LordMoots, he enjoys playing around with his various servants and getting into sexy hijinks.




Kyra: Demon of Ice and Snow as well as the second in command under Apex. The two usually enjoy tormenting the other girls in their free time. Generally the voice of reason within the household but is not completely above fits of silliness.

Notes: Amazing



Fredrik: Apex’s Shapeshifting mischief-causing familiar. Born during an experiment in the runelab, when not riding on Apex or Kyra’s shoulder, it is usually sneaking around the keep looking for trouble to get into.

Able to change into a large variety of objects and weapons. Very durable.

First Appearance


Lucia: Fire demon and Mid Rank Succubus. Was occasionay summoned by Apex either to bring an extra set of hands to the bedroom or to run errands Apex was too lazy to take care of.

     Now she stays at the keep on a more permanent basis. Is still summoned on a fairly regular basis for her Succubus “skill set”.

Notes: Very Physically Strong

First Appearance



Hera: Was a low rank soldier in Heaven’s Legion until she was Captured and almost eaten by a cadre of Ogres. Was saved by Apex and became chained to him by a life debt. Was initially resentful of her new lot in life, but has since grown accustomed to having a more liberated life outside of the strict rules of Heaven.

Notes: Still a Virgin

First Appearance 



Skia: Originally a vanilla human until she was accidentally decapitated by Apex during a conflict with another demon in the human plane. Apex managed to fuse her head back to her body and pumped her full of life energy. Unfortunately he gave her a bit too much and she came back MUCH more resistant to death than she had been. Has since begun her training as an apprentice reaper as an agreement between Apex and Faykan (lord of death) and as a way to keep her out of trouble.

Notes: Reaper in Training

First Appearance  Exposition