The Beginning:

–DemonTails started as a series of comics inspired by events and the people in my life. Just as a way to share the funny thing that happen and maybe to share a kink story here and there. Most characters are based on real people, although I will keep their identities a secret.

–After a while I started to add more backstory to the fantasy elements that kept popping up and now it’s kind of become a little brainchild that I hope you all enjoy.

Origin Story:

–One day, as I was writing up something for a creative writing class, ideas started popping up in my head and I pencilled the full backstory to My OC and self insert, Apex (Subtle, I know). After a few false starts and a couple of hiatuses, the story finally started to get off the ground. This is where I hope to differentiate Apex from his origins as a self-insert and give him his own life.